Introduction to Regenerative Climate Risk and Resilience Planning


Author(s): Laura Lengnick

Organization: Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming

Planning Step: Introduction

Introduction to Regenerative Climate Risk Management and Resilience Planning introduces the concept of agricultural resilience and briefly explains the principles and practices that farm managers can draw on to cultivate the climate resilience of their farm operations. We call this approach to resilience planning regenerative to highlight the importance of using principles and practices that promote the health of land, people, and community as a path to farm resilience. This resource briefly explains how the principles of social-ecological resilience science, adaptive management, whole farm planning, selected Holistic Management practices, and more traditional business management tools are integrated into the planning process featured on this website and presented in the 5 Steps to Your Regenerative Climate Resilience Plan: A Glynwood Guide for Farmers.

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