The Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu

Technical Assistance

Author(s): Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Organization: Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Planning Step: Identify Effective Climate Resilience Strategies

The Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu provides a framework to integrate indigenous and traditional knowledge, culture, language and history into the climate adaptation planning process. Developed by a diverse group of collaborators in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, the Menu is an extensive collection of climate change adaptation actions for natural resource management, organized into tiers of general and more specific ideas. It also includes a companion Guiding Principles document, which describes detailed considerations for working with tribal communities. While this first version of the Menu was created based on Ojibwe and Menominee perspectives, languages, concepts and values, it was intentionally designed to be adaptable to other indigenous communities, allowing for the incorporation of their language, knowledge and culture. Primarily developed for the use of indigenous communities, tribal natural resource agencies and their non-indigenous partners, this Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu may be useful in bridging communication barriers for non-tribal persons or organizations interested in indigenous approaches to climate adaptation and the needs and values of tribal communities.

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