SWOT Analysis Template Fillable PDF


Author(s): Laura Lengnick

Organization: Resilient Agriculture Program, Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming

Planning Step: Goals and Resources

This SWOT worksheet can be downloaded and filled in to create a SWOT analysis for your farm. This resource is included in the 5 Steps to Your Regenerative Climate Resilience Plan: A Glynwood Guide for Farmers. A SWOT analysis is particularly helpful to farm resilience planning because it is a one page snapshot of your current business position. You can use this snapshot to identify the strenghts and opportunities that you can use to your advantage and the most important weaknesses and threats to address in your climate resilience plan. You will use the information summarized in this worksheet to guide your selection of adaptation strategies in Step 3 and find “best fit” climate risk management practices for your farm in Step 4 of the 5 Steps Guide.

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