Step 4: Identify Best-Fit Options


Author(s): Laura Lengnick

Organization: Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming

Planning Step: Identify Best-Fit Options

Step 4 Identify Best-Fit Options guides you through step 4 of the 5 Steps to Your Whole Farm Climate Resilience Plan. In step 4, you are invited to gather and summarize information about the most effective practices within each climate resilience strategy that you selected in the last step (Step 3 Adaptation Strategies). You can use the Step 4 Best-Fit Options resources on this site to learn more about how to select the climate risk management and resilience practices that you will include in your climate resilience plan, including best practices in strategic planning and management for farm businesses, organizations offering low and no-cost farm business management resources, training and consulting services, and organizations offering low and no-cost technical assistance services for small- and mid-scale diversified farm businesses in the Hudson Valley.

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