Step 2: Describe Your Climate Risk


Author(s): Laura Lengnick

Organization: Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming

Planning Step: Describe Your Climate Risk

Step 2 Describe Your Climate Risk guides you through step 2 of the 5 Steps to Your Whole Farm Climate Resilience Plan. In step 2, you are invited to gather and summarize information about how weather patterns are changing in your region and use your own experience to describe how these changes show up on your farm. This is because changes in weather patterns are regional, but the current and expected impact of these changes on a specific farm operation depends on local conditions, such as soil and water quality, topography, tolerance of crops, livestock, infrastructure and equipment to changing weather patterns, and other qualities of the farm that increase or decrease the ability of your operation to cope with more variable and extreme weather. You can use the Step 2 resources on this site to learn more about agricultural risk management, climate risk and resilience in farm businesses, and historical, current and expected changes in climate risks to farms in the Northeast, New York, the Hudson Valley and your county.

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