Farmers on the Front Lines of Climate Change (2018)

News Article

Author(s): Various

Organization: Hudson River Flows

Planning Step: Adaptation Options

Farmers on the Front Lines of Climate Change (2018) features interviews with agricultural leaders in the Hudson Valley working to promote regenerative agriculture as a solution to climate change. Although the goal of these interviews was to learn more about how regenerative agriculture could help farmers manage the region’s growing climate risks, the conversations quickly moved beyond the climate crisis to acknowledge the roadblocks in the way of a transition to a regenerative agriculture economy—including lack of access to affordable farmland (particularly for BIPOC farmers), the burden of student loans, the plight of farm workers, grant terms misaligned with the financial realities of newbie farmers, the need for better trained technical services providers, and so much more.

Relevant Region(s): Hudson Valley | Farm Scale: All | Farm Type: Various | Markets: Wholesale/Retail