Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation

Technical Assistance

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Organization: Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation (HVACD)

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The Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation (HVADC) is the only economic development agency in the Hudson Valley with a specific focus on the viability of the agricultural economy in the region. HVADC works works closely with a variety of public and private partners in the Hudson Valley to offer technical and financial assistance to both new and existing agri-businesses, and support policies and regulations that recognize and support New York State’s agricultural economy. Our services are carefully designed to promote the Hudson Valley as an attractive, viable region for agriculture and to foster growth and development of the agricultural sector through a creative program or marketing, promotion and the provision and coordination of financial and other resources. Farmers in the Hudson Valley can visit this resource to learn more about HVADC’s business technical assistance services including one-on-one consulting, loans and grants, food rescue and donation, marketing and tourism.

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