Cultivating Climate Resilience on Farms and Ranches


Author(s): Laura Lengnick

Organization: Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education Program, USDA

Planning Step: Climate Risk & Adaptation Options

Cultivating Climate Resilience on Farms and Ranches outlines the new challenges that changing weather patterns pose in agriculture throughout the United States, and what you can do to make your farm more resilient. A companion to the 5 Steps Guide, this resource introduces the key concepts behind agricultural resilience, climate risk management and resilience planning, and whole farm planning, includes a unique table of current and expected changes in weather patterns most relevant to farm management for 7 regions of the U.S., describes the most common resilience practices used by diversified farmers and pasture-based livestock producers, and features case studies of award-winning farmers and ranchers using regenerative whole farm management practices to reduce climate risk and cultivate climate resilience in their operations.

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