Climate Smart Farming Story: Hahn Farm (2014)

Case Study

Author(s): Climate Smart Farming Program

Organization: The Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture

Planning Step: Adaptation Options

Climate Smart Farming Story: Hahn Farm (2014) interviews Tom Hahn of Hahn Farm, a 500 acre diversified farm producing grain, hay, vegetables, Christmas trees, milk, cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, and alpaca in Salt Point, NY. Tom describes the management challenges and some opportunities associated with changing weather patterns on his farm. Tom points out that although successful farmers have experience managing weather-related ups and downs, they cannot manage the growing risks associated with more frequent and extreme disturbances and shocks.

Relevant Region(s): Hudson Valley | Farm Scale: 500 acres | Farm Type: Diversified Crops/Livestock | Markets: On-Farm Retail