Climate Resilient Farming

Technical Assistance

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Organization: NY Soil and Water Conservation Committee

Planning Step: Identify Best-Fit Options

The Climate Resilient Farming Program, helps to reduce the impact of agriculture on climate change and to increase the resilience of New York State farms affected by a changing climate. The program is administered by the NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee, in coordination with the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. The Program provides cost‐share assistance to farmers to reduce GHG emissions and increase resilience through Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) using three funding tracks. Track 1 funds manure storage cover and flare systems to reduce methane emissions and increase resilience to major precipitation events. Track 2 funds water management projects to prepare agricultural producers for two current and anticipated impacts of climate change – flood and drought – using best management practice systems which stabilize and reduce flows, store water, and conserve water through high‐efficiency irrigation systems. Track 3 funds Healthy Soils NY projects to improve soil health on farms and enhance resilience to the impacts of climate change using soil health management practice systems to create carbon sinks, increase water holding capacity of the soil, and improve recycling of nitrogen by crops, thereby mitigating GHG emissions.

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