Climate Explorer

Digital Tool

Author(s): Fernleaf Interaction & National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center

Organization: US Climate Resilience Toolkit

Planning Step: Climate Risk

The Climate Explorer gives farmers a way to check how climate conditions in the United States are projected to change over the coming decades. This information—derived from global climate models—is available for counties and county-equivalents for all 50 states and U.S. territories in the United States. The Climate Explorer provides interactive graphs and maps showing past and expected climate conditions for counties and county-equivalents across the United States. Built to support the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, the tool helps the user explore past and expected future climate conditions that may put people, property, and other assets at risk. Both annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation data are available at this site: Average Daily Maximum Temp (°F) Average Daily Minimum Temp (°F), Days w/ maximum temp > 90°F, > 95°F, > 100°F, > 105°F, < 32°F, Days w/minimum temp < 32°F, > 80°F, > 90°F, Total precipitation, Dry Days, Days w/ Precipitation > 1″”, 2″”, 3″”, Heating Degree Days, Cooling Degree Days, Growing Degree Days, Modified Growing Degree Days. Use this tool to learn more about how weather patterns have changed since 1950 in your county and what changes you can expect in coming years.

Relevant Region(s): US | Farm Scale: All | Farm Type: All | Markets: All