Climate Change in the Hudson Valley

Fact Sheet

Author(s): NYS Climaid Report

Organization: New York Water Resources Institute, Cornell University

Planning Step: Climate Risk

Climate change in the Hudson Valley describes how weather patterns have changed and are expected to change in the Hudson Valley region over the next 80 years compared to a 1970 – 2000 average. Although this resource is oriented towards community climate resilience planning, the reported weather data can be useful to farm risk management and resilience planning. The reported data includes average annual temperature and total annual precipitation, number of days with precipitation over 1 and 2 inches, number of days per year with temperatures above 90 and 95 °F and below 32 °F, number of heat waves per year, average number of days per heatwave, and sea level rise projections for the Hudson River.

Relevant Region(s): Hudson Valley | Farm Scale: All | Farm Type: All | Markets: All